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Pictured left to right: (1) Remains from the city of Samaria capital of the northern kingdom Israel for about 200 years Photo Credit: © V. Gilbert and Arlisle F. Beers (2) An Old Excavated City (3) A Capernaum Synagogue (4) Oil Lamps (5) Ephesus Theater

“In all of my archaeological investigation I have never found one artifact of antiquity that contradicts any statement of the Word of God.”1

—Nelson Glueck


Archaeology is a scientific study of the antiquity of ancient people groups and their culture. All of these artifacts and ancient ruins are excavated out of the earth. Archaeologists dig up or excavate artifacts and whole ancient cities from the ancient past. It´s like living an Indiana Jones movie. When these ancient remains are related to the Bible, the Holy Lands, and the early Judeo-Christian culture we call this type of archaeology, Biblical Archaeology.

Biblical archaeology gives evidence of both the Jewish and Christian religions. Archaeology gives evidence of the authenticity of the Bible. Archaeology comes to the rescue with tangible evidence such as artifacts, tablets of writing, books, or codex, and whole cities which have been excavated to complete a more accurate interpretation of history.

Before the 19th century most of what was known about the culture, history, and geography of the holy lands was known only through the scriptures. The science of archaeology got started with the famous excavation at the Nile valley in Egypt. Have you ever heard about the “Rosetta Stone?” This stone or stele was discovered in 1798. This also opened up the science of Egyptology.2

Liberal Biblical scholars who cast doubt on the Bible soon learn how accurate the Bible is. For these liberal scholars their main mission in life is to defame the Bible, but they will not succeed. Archaeology throws back the tangible evidence of the scriptures right in their arrogant faces.

In the Old Testament the Bible makes several references about the Hittites of Canaan. I counted almost 30 different references of the Hittites which include several verses noted in my Nave´s Compact Topical Bible.3 Maybe there are more. Several liberal scholars from the mid 1800s who did not take the word of God seriously claimed that the Hittites were a fictional group of people written about in the Bible. These anti-biblical scholars claimed that no secular historical record of these people existed. So they claimed the Bible was not accurate.

Archaeology unearthed the history, religion, art, literature, law and much more about the Hittites. One of the earliest excavations unearthed over 10,000 cuneiform clay tablets which laid out the entire culture of the Hittites.4

Critics at one time reasoned that the five books of Moses could not have been written, because writing wasn´t invented. The science of archaeology proved them wrong. Both Pre-Abrahamic and Pre-flood libraries have been excavated from the ruins of Ur, Kish, and Fara.5

Archaeology from both the Old and New Testaments are important to both Jews and Christians. I will proceed to give you a small outline of important archaeological finds from both the Old and New Testaments. I can´t offer you a lot of information on this website about Biblical Archaeology, but I will also offer you some links and books if you want to dig deeper. Perhaps you may get so excited about archaeology that you will want to take part in an archaeological excavation over in Israel. Some amateur archaeologists actually take part in an archaeological dig. I read Biblical Archaeology Review and I have seen in that magazine invitations to take part in a particular archaeological dig.

Just thought I would take a moment to mention a very important man in the field of Biblical Archaeology. He is known as an amateur archaeologist and a former lawyer. He started the publication, Biblical Archaeology Review. The first issue was published in 1975.

His biggest accomplishment that he is known for is freeing of the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls. For decades arrogant scholars would hold back the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the public. These scholars held an academic monopoly on these ancient manuscripts. Hershel Shanks, Editor of Biblical Archaeology Review freed the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You can read about Hershel Shanks in his new autobiography called, Freeing the Dead Sea Scrolls. I would also recommend getting a copy of the magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review.

Hershel Shanks is a Jew; he is very favorable to Christians. For example, he is defending the James Ossuary which the Israel Antiquities Authority believes to be a forgery. I will write about this later here. The James Ossuary is believed by many to be the bone box of James the half brother of Jesus. I have looked at much of the evidence and I too believe that the James Ossuary is authentic. Thank you Hershel Shanks.

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