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Oh, that my words were written!

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In 1982 I became a born-again Christian. Jesus says “...unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3) At this point in my life the Bible became very exciting to me, because I wanted to learn as much as I could about Jesus. I got into a good Bible-believing church and a fellow Christian discipled me in the basics of Christianity. We did Bible study, verse memorization, and prayed together.

I do not have any formal theological training. The only degree I have is an associate of applied arts degree in photography. Through the years I read a lot, attended Christian conferences, and did Bible studies. Since I had an interest in science I took on a special interest in creationism and Christian apologetics. Besides evangelism I want to give nonbelievers evidence that there is a God out there. We have evidence from archaeology, other sciences, and history. I believe all this evidence can help a nonbeliever see that Christianity has facts to back its existence up. It can also lead them to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

As I have mentioned I have a photography degree. Photography has been in my life as a hobby and profession most of my life. Many of the photographs on this website have come from my cameras. I also had taken an interest in writing, so I decided to take a Christian writing course from the Christian Writers Guild. Norman B. Rohrer was the director at that time. I learned a lot from him. My interest in Christian writing gave me the idea for this website. One day I was reading in the book of Job and in chapter 19 Job wrote that he would like to write down his words for ever that his redeemer lives. That was Job 19:23-27. This is the verse that gave me the idea for an apologetic Christian website. Here is the verse below.

"Oh, that my words were written!
           Oh, that they were inscribed in a book!
           That they were engraved on a rock
           With an iron pen and lead, forever!
           For I know that my Redeemer lives,
           And He shall stand at last on the earth;
           And after my skin is destroyed, this I know,
           That in my flesh I shall see God,
           Whom I shall see for myself,
           And my eyes shall behold, and not another.
           How my heart yearns within me!"

Job 19:23-27 NKJV®

If you are not a Christian I encourage you to start looking at the evidence.

How I Became a Christian

Ever since I could remember my parents took me to Sunday school and church. In Sunday school I was with kids my own age, so I thought that was fun. I was baptized as an infant. In junior high school I was confirmed into the United Methodist Church.

Church attendance did not make me a Christian. I read parts of the Bible and memorized Bible verses. I often wondered what it took to go to heaven when you die. I can remember as a young boy my parents and grandmother had the answer. That answer went something like this. “Think of a scale; if you have more good deeds on one side of the scale—you´re going to heaven. If you have more bad deeds on one side of the scale—you could end up in Hell. Besides you were baptized.” [sic] So I surmised being a good person and attending church, baptism, and confirmation were good deeds that would put me into heaven.

After graduating from high school I would come across several people that would confront me with these questions. “Are you a Christian?” “Are you saved?” These people seemed very strange to me. They were more than just eccentric or weird. I thought they might have been crazy or mentally disturbed. To get them off my back I just did what they wanted me to do. They asked me to pray with them for my salvation. I would sometimes wonder if these people were in a religious cult.

I would get to know some of these people and some were highly educated, some were successful business men and professionals. Since I was a photographer I met some photographers who claimed they were born-again Christians. Maybe there was something to this. Maybe some of these people were not nuts.

When I moved to Minneapolis, MN in the apartment unit next to me was a born-again Christian. He seemed very friendly. He didn´t talk about religion all the time and he seemed interested in me. When we did talk about God I can remember some discussions we had about creation verses evolution. I knew he was a four year college graduate, but yet he claimed he did not believe in evolution. I wondered why anybody who went to college wouldn´t believe in evolution.

As a freelance photographer I was not very successful. In September 1982 my commercial jobs were running down and most all of my money was gone. At this point I knew I had to do something else to make a living. One evening at this time I decided to relax and watch some television. I wanted to watch a nonfiction program like some educational TV. I tuned in the educational channel, but there was nothing there that interested me. So I flipped through the channels and found Billy Graham on one of the stations. I decided to listen to him to see if there was anything that I could agree with him on. I don´t remember what the message was about, but at the end he asked television viewers if they wanted to know if they were right with God they could call the number on the screen. So I called the number.

I was asking questions like, “How can I know that I am right with God? How can I know that when I die that I would go to heaven?” [sic] The phone councilor told me that the answers to my questions came from the Bible. He answered my questions with scripture and told me that our greatest problem was sin. Jesus Christ enters into the picture as a sinless God-man to pardon our sins by being punished and dying for our sins and then He rose from the dead. Nobody has ever risen from the dead. To make a long story short through God´s loving-grace I became a born-again Christian. At this point on God would be personal to me.

I joined a Bible-believing church and got into Bible study with a new Christian friend and I have never stopped studying the Bible. I put all trust in Jesus Christ. When I die I trust Jesus Christ will let me into His heaven because of what He did for me. Heaven can only be the domain of the sinless. Jesus Christ has washed away all my sins from the past, present and future. Because of Christ I will enter heaven sinless.

Personal Comments

I now am living in Phoenix, Arizona and attend church at Trinity Bible Church. I enjoy photography and writing. Besides Christian music I like classical music and I play the violin. As a Christian I pray for the peace of Israel. I am a Zionist. I have an interest in science and am a six-day creationist. I also am a space enthusiast.

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