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My Interest in Science

I once believed the earth was over 4.5 billion years-old. In 1982 I became a born-again Christian; I still believed that the earth was 4.5 billion years-old and our origins started with the “Big Bang.” I was an evolutionist. I now am a SIX-DAY CREATIONIST.

When I was a child ever since I could remember I had an interest in science. When I was four years-old I asked my parents for a chemistry set. I didn´t get it till I was about ten. In October 1957 while watching television I asked my parents, “What is that beeping sound going around that globe on the TV?” [sic] Those beeps were from the satellite, Sputnik. That is when I started to get interested in space. In the ‘60s dad and I watched all the astronauts that flew in space. In July of 1969 we both watched the first man Neal Armstrong walk on the moon.

I was an only child from a middle class family. My dad bought me all kinds of scientific toys. I got a microscope and started to prepare and mount my own slides. I had a telescope which I viewed the moon and planets. I collected reptiles and amphibians. I built and flew model rockets.

One of my largest scientific hobbies was collecting rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils. I bought a small mineralogy lab to test minerals. I also had a black light that I would shine on some minerals that were sensitive to ultra-violet radiation. A mineral specimen that looked brown and boring in normal light would fluoresce into bright greens or reds when the black light was turned on it. I joined a rock, gem, and mineral club. I got interested in making my own jewelry. I would sell some to my friends at school.

For a science project I studied spectroscopy. I used a spectroscope to observe various colored lines in the spectrum to identify chemical elements. I also built my own spectroscope with lenses and a diffraction grading. When studying the spectrum and light, I got interested in photography. I eventually went to school for photography and graduated with an associate of applied arts degree in photography.

I have read a lot of science books. I always enjoyed science, but my grades in school weren´t very good. My dad was so excited when I started getting interested in photography. He told me that photography is something you can make money at. He knew I would never make it in science. I guess I was more of a dreamer when it came to science. Maybe I would have made a good science fiction writer.

In my early couple of years as a Christian I had read the entire Bible and I often wondered how to take the six-day creation story. Then I heard people say: “You can believe in evolution and still believe in the Bible. God used evolution to create the universe.” Some people talked about the “Gap Theory.” This could also add evolution to the Bible. The gap theory is a theological theory that states that between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there was a gap of time—BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of years as one of my heroes of astronomy—Carl Sagan stated.

In 1984 a Christian friend showed me a newsletter he got in the mail. The newsletter was titled Bible-Science Newsletter. The newsletter was published by the Bible-Science Association. I read it through and immediately subscribed to the paper. Now this ministry goes by the name of Creation Moments. Another Christian friend gave me a book, Scientific Creationism written by Henry Morris, Ph.D. and the technical staff of the Institute for Creation Research. It wasn´t long after that I became a creationist. I used to listen to many creation radio programs that helped increase my faith. I could still be an “armchair” scientist and believe the Bible fully from cover to cover without doubt or compromise. I believe in a literal six-day creation. I believe in a world-wide flood—Noah´s flood. I believe in the first eleven chapters of the Bible. I believe in the whole Bible.

The Gap Theory

The gap theory states that between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there is a gap of time, possibly billions of years. First God created the heavens and earth, and next in this gap of time between verses one and two of Genesis the angel Satan rebels and there is a war. This creates a catastrophe in the heavens and the earth. All creation was destroyed. This was a time before Adam and Eve. So then, there was a second creation which is the rest of the creation story we read in the Bible.1

I´m not sure where the idea first began about the gap theory, but in the nineteenth century a Scottish theologian by the name of Thomas Chalmers brought the idea back to a more modern civilization.2 Cyrus Scofield, a great theologian who holds many beliefs we Christians hold; Scofield believed in the gap theory and promoted it through his notes which he published in his Study Bible. This Study Bible you can buy today—the Scofield Study Bible.

The main purpose of the gap theory was to appease a new culture of educated people who began to believe in the modern scientific theory of evolution. Like Thomas Chalmers many fundamentalist Bible-believing Christians could put an end to all of their questions and anxieties about the long geological ages proposed by modern evolutionists at that time simply by the use of the gap theory.

A grammatical conjecture of the Hebrew verb hayetha was translated by these gap theorists as “became” instead of its normal translation as “was.” These gap theorists said that our traditional translation of hayetha was in error and should read “became.” “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Genesis 1:2 KJV) This grammatical conjecture helped promote the gap theory.3

Charles Ryrie, a theologian who also wrote a Study Bible refutes the idea of translating hayetha to “became.” Here is what Charles Ryrie wrote in his study notes on Genesis 1:2 regarding the grammar of hayetha. “...the earth was without form, and void. Some understand a ‘gap’ of an indeterminate period of time between verses 1 and 2, and translate ‘became’ rather than ‘was.’ While the Hebrew word may mean ‘became’ (as in Gen. 19:26), the construction of the clause does not support a consecutive statement describing something that happened subsequent to verse 1 (‘and’) but rather describing something included in verse 1 (‘but’). In other words, the initial creation was formless and empty, a condition soon remedied...”4

Let´s look at the words of Jesus. When the Pharisees questioned him concerning divorce, He said, “But from the beginning of creation, God ‘made them male and female.’” (Mark 10:6 NKJV®) Jesus said “from the beginning,” He wasn´t talking about a second creation. Jesus never referred to a pre-creation. The Bible never mentions it. So Adam and Eve couldn´t have been created in a second creation.


There are three models of origins which are evolution, creation, and theistic-evolution. Proponents of the gap theory would hold to theistic-evolution. Theistic-evolution simply states that God used evolution to create the universe. This way, theistic-evolutionists can still appease evolution. However, evolutionists don´t want them in their camp, because evolutionists do not believe in the supernatural. They do not believe in God. To the evolutionist God cannot be in the picture. So these theistic-evolutionists are in a camp all by themselves rejected by real evolutionists and rejected by real creationists.

Other opponents of a six-day creation will argue that there are other positions besides theistic-evolution that do a better job of explaining origins. No I don´t think so. I don´t even see the difference in these other non-biblical explanations of origins. All these other ideas like progressive creation and day-age theory and others all say the same thing. God somehow used evolution in various forms or at various times to create the universe. These people will not take the Bible for what it says.

If you believe in the Bible, one way to prove that the heavens and the earth were created in six days and not long periods of time is to look at what happened on day three and day four.

On day three, water was separated from the land and on that land plants of all types started to grow and yield fruit. On day four the stars in the sky were created. The sun was created on this day. So if a day in Genesis doesn´t mean a 24-hour day, how are plants going to survive for a long period of time like a billion years without sunlight? Read it in Genesis. (Day 3: Genesis 1:9-13) (Day 4 Genesis 1:14-19)

It´s a sad fact that proponents of these various theistic-evolutionary views usually do not believe in a world-wide flood—Noah´s flood. They believe in an old earth. They say that the origin of the earth took billions of years not six days like the Bible says. They also usually believe in the “Big Bang” theory. The “Big Bang” is clearly an evolutionary theory. The big bang theory has nothing to do with our biblical creation model.

The “Big Bang” theory states that in the beginning our universe was created with an explosion from a tiny compressed point which converted energy into matter. This explosion of matter spread all over the universe. Evolutionary scientists claim this took place in history about 10 to 20 billion years ago.

As we see the Bible clearly states a young earth—six-day creation. Here is a quote by one of my favorite theologians.

“Even evangelicals have become less willing to defend the early chapters of Genesis against the encroachments of evolutionary thought, although in actuality affirming an “old earth” theory and remaining evangelical is an inconsistency.”

—John MacArthur5

Reasons to Believe In Creationism

A princess kisses a frog, and that frog turns into a handsome prince. I call that a fairy tale. Evolutionists call it science. Given enough time, they say that frog will turn into a handsome prince.

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Yes, I believe in creationism, because I believe in the Bible as an absolute. What has increased my faith more in the Bible is the evidence found in creationism. Looking at the first eleven chapters of the Bible we see the creation story, the first sin, Noah´s flood, and the tower of Babel. Creationism proves to me that these first eleven chapters and the rest of the Bible is true and can be trusted. Evolution postulates that there is no God. There is no designer. The philosophy of the evolutionist is naturalism, which says that only the natural world exists and that there is no supernatural or spiritual control over nature.

It only takes basic common sense to figure out that all we have in the universe came from a designer. It takes a designer to design a watch. It takes a designer to design a car. Can you think of anything that can just pop out of thin air? Every atom every chemical element, rocks & minerals, plants & animals, planets, moons, stars, galaxies all need a designer. Christians look at the origin of the universe as a unique creation designed by God. Evolutionists look at the origin of the universe as a successful accident by chance.

Creationists believe in biogenesis. Biogenesis states that life can only come from life. Evolutionists believe that the first life was not created but evolved from non-life. This reminds me of an old hypothesis pertaining to origins. Science used to believe in “spontaneous generation.” What is spontaneous generation? People used to believe at one time insects suddenly appeared out of the mud. Later, recipes were written on how to make rats and other animals out of filthy rags. This was spontaneous generation.6

How does the evolutionist believe that life evolved? One of their most popular theories is known as the “primordial soup.” Here´s how the story goes. Once upon a time about four billion years ago when the earth was young the atmosphere was home to simple non-organic chemical elements produced by the “big bang”—hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water vapor. These chemical elements mixed together somehow and a bolt of lightning struck the mixture and poof organic amino acids were generated. This miracle of chance together with random genetic mutation eventually produced one-celled bacteria and one-celled protozoa. Continued genetic mutation eventually produced humans.7

Most genetic mutations are harmful not beneficial to the organism. There has never been any evolution observed in any organisms. Many evolutionists label natural selection as evolution. Natural selection uses pre-existing characteristics of an organism to bring about change within the organism. This could be variation in color or size.8

There are various skin colors in human beings. We still are human. Adolph Hitler believed in evolution. He claimed the Jew and the Negro were inferior to the white race. The different races in humans are a result of natural selection not evolution from an inferior to a more advanced race like Hitler and Charles Darwin believed. Do you know what the complete title of Charles Darwin´s famous book was? Today if you buy this classic it is just simply titled The Origin of Species. But the original title with subtitle published in its first edition on November 24, 1859 was titled, THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION OR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE. Who were the favored races? They say that Adolph Hitler had a list.9

Let´s look at the fossil record. Fossils are formed mostly in sedimentary rock. This sedimentary rock is formed by rapid burial. I believe this rapid burial of sedimentary rock is evidence of a global flood.

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Here is a fossil plate showing various types of fossilized invertebrates—brachiopeds, bivalves, crinoid rings and others.

Fossils of dinosaur skeletons have been found in positions that suggest sudden and violent deaths. Fossil fish have been found in the process of feeding on other fish. In the Cumberland Bone Cave in Maryland the remains of dozens of species of mammals have been found with reptiles and birds from all different types of climates.10

Coal and oil known as fossil fuels, because they are made of fossilized organic living organisms are found all over the world including Antarctica. Oil does not take a long time to form. Oil has been made in the laboratory from organic materials in as little as twenty minutes.11

In Siberia and Alaska we have found dead mammoths that had died so quickly that undigested food is in their stomachs. Grass, bluebells, buttercups, sedges, and wild beans have been found in their mouths.12

There are fossils that cross one stratum into another. This confuses the dating process for evolutionists. They date rocks and fossils in particular strata. These types of fossils that cross strata are called polystrate fossils. Evolutionists really have a problem with these. Tree trunks have been found which extend through several strata. These trunks were buried quickly. These trunks are turned up-side-down and side-ways. These trunks also show no sign of decay. Evolutionists believe that each stratum in the geological column suggest many millions of years. The scientific dating process is not that accurate.13

If evolution is true we should find many intermediary fossil links which Charles Darwin predicted we would find in the future. We have not found any intermediate links. Where are the links between the invertebrates and the vertebrates? How about the fish to amphibians, and reptiles to birds, and birds to mammals? How about the link from apes to humans? I think there is a missing link.14

One of the biggest hoaxes in science is the evolution of man. Lucy, the Australopithecine turned out to be a true ape.15 In Piltdown man, his jaw turned out to belong to a modern ape. However, for 40 years Piltdown man was seen as a true link between ape and man in school textbooks.

Ramapithecus was discovered with just a handful of teeth and a jaw fragment. However, Louis Leakey pieced the jaw together incorrectly to resemble a human jaw.16 Eugene Dubois falsified information to the scientific community. His Java man was from a large gibbon which is a slender long armed ape from Asia. He also withheld information of thigh bones of apes which he found in that area.17

Peking man is nothing more than the remains of decapitated ape skulls that were eaten as food by true man.18 The most embarrassing hoax of human evolution is Nebraska man. A tooth was found thought to be remains of a human. It turned out to be a pig´s tooth. Yet science fabricated artist´s drawings of this fictionalized Nebraska man.19 As I conclude and as you can see evolution is not true science, but science fiction.

“All these trees of life with their branches of our ancestors, that´s a lot of non-sense.”

—Mary Leakey

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"Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus' earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the son of god. Take away the meaning of his death. If Jesus was not the redeemer who died for our sins and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing!"

—G. Richard Bozarth, Atheist20

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